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Ian Roger Cramp

O-level student at Loughborough Grammar School

A-level  student at Loughborough Technical College

Apprentice at Cosworth Engineering 
Making and using test rigs for engine sub-assemblies & systems, and  dyno testing  F1, Indycar, & experimental new engines.

Undergraduate Student at Cambridge University 
Getting a Master of Arts degree in Engineering, winning the Engineering Head of  Department’s Prize, and also being awarded a Full Blue for boxing.

Project Engineer at Cosworth Engineering
Designing & developing valve gear (including pneumatic valve springs) for the new F1 engine

Postgraduate Student at Cranfield Institute of Technology (now Cranfield University) College of Aeronautics
Doing research on high speed vehicle aerodynamics in the moving ground plane wind tunnel.

Self-employed freelance engineer

1997 set up Pendragon Mercia ltd, an engineering consultancy. 
Name later changed to Crampton ltd to avoid confusion with Pendragon plc.



Customers include


Aston Martin

British Racing International

Gibbs Aquada

Jaguar Cars


Lauge Jensen


Rolls Royce

SAGEM, etc.



Services Offered Include

Piston engine, automotive, & motorcycle design/development

Specialised fuel injection/engine management system design & calibration 

Rapid design & construction of one-offs, prototypes, and test rigs

Project planning & management

International sales & business development

Working in English, French, Japanese, and some Italian



I have worked all over the UK, and in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, China, Korea and Japan.