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Ian Cramp has worked as a part-time freelance journalist, with features appearing in "Fast Bikes", "Fast Classics", "Superbike", "Motor Cycle Sport & Leisure", and others.

As well as writing under his own name, he was also known as Jim Clemens and Biro Parker (“it's a pen-name, gedditt?”).

Some of the technical features became standard industry references, and Ian notices with satisfaction that journalists are still plagiarising them regularly, even today, some 20 years after they first appeared. This website will make it easier for them; they can now just "cut & paste" instead of copying out of old magazines like they used to…… 

This archive is not complete as a lot of original copy has been lost.

Ian’s writing largely stopped around 2003 when the industry "dumbed down" and his output was considered too technical or highbrow.